Bandiera a Goccia Ruota Auto
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Bandiera a Goccia Ruota Auto

Beach Flags Goccia Completo. Con nastro nero di rinforzo. Il prezzo include base, pennone, BORSA PER IL TRASPORTO.

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84,00 € IVA Esclusa

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Misure: Altezza Bandiera
S 245cm 75x194cm
M 300cm 92x228cm
L 350cm 103x298cm
XL 440cm 132x352cm
XXL 540cm 145x446cm

100% polyester fabric.

Flag: 115 g/m².

Weave: 50% weft and 50% warp.

Sewn in double backstitch with special thread for outdoor use.

Double fold hem, 10 mm wide.

Symmetrical 7 mm double stitching (1.5 mm from edges).

Stitch width: 5 mm.

Reinforced with a strip of black plain-weave fabric (width: 30 mm), which acts as a sleeve.

Water-resistant and wind-resistant. Colourfast and washable.

Anti-pollution surface treatment.

Flagpole (included)

Materials: aluminium (10 mm thick) and fibreglass segments.

Colour: Black.

Flagpole diameter according to the model:

Diameter of the segment connected to the base:

Model Internal diameter External diameter
S 1,7 cm 1,9 cm
M 1,7 cm 1,9 cm
L 1,75 cm 2 cm
XL 1,75 cm 2,5 cm
XXL 1,75 cm 2,5 cm

Diameter of the tip (top): 3 mm for all models.

Model Height Dimensions of the flag
S 245 cm 75x194 cm
M 300 cm 92x228 cm
L 350 cm 103x298 cm
XL 440 cm 132x352 cm
XXL 540 cm 145x446 cm
Base (included)

Base included in the pack. Compatible bases:

  • Cross base with weighted ring.
  • Screw/threaded base.
  • Base for car wheel.
  • Pointed base.
  • Wall-mount base.
  • Water base.
  • Deluxe base.
  • Base for gazebo foot.

Inkjet sublimation printing in CMYK (four-colour process) on one side with 89% approx. colour transfer using official inks.

Colour and design

Customisable flag colours and designs.


Between 2 kg and 7 kg, depending on the base chosen.

Accessories (not included)

Accessories available (not included):

  • Oxford carrying case (120 x 16 cm).
  • Loose Fly Banner flag.
View assembly instructions

Complete pack with everything you need for assembly and display.

For both indoor and outdoor use.

Reinforced at junction points.

Easy to assemble (less than 5 minutes) and transport.

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